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I was at the Chartered Institute of Marketing last week on a business-related seminar.  I came out with a bag of goodies that included a booklet on the history of Moor Hall and its inhabitants.  I love this sort of thing, so I sat down and read it.  Lots of interest but one thing that caught my eye (because I had never heard of it before) was a place called Ye Strande Castle literally a castle that was built by a local architect called William Joshua Grazebrook in 1880.  At the time it was cutting edge construction because it was built of something called shuttered concrete, which from what I can gather, is concrete that gets poured into mould and then fitted together as blocks.  Except what they did not know in those days, is that if you make a building using this method, you must use steel rods to reinforce it.  Anyway, it was somewhere near Strand Water and everyone in the village HATED it apparently, so it was just as well that eventually, it fell down!

I thought to try and find out a bit more about it but a search of the internet yielded nothing very much other than some snippets and some conflicting facts.  Somewhere in Cookham is a Strand Castle Lane (or maybe its now just Strand Lane?), there is a Strand Castle gravel pit, and in 1969 when they were carrying out an archaeological dig on the site of the castle, they found a Roman encampment and seemingly disturbed the restless spirits of an old lady and a little girl!  However, I did come across a website called Historical Cookham and Im sharing it with you because it is packed with interesting stuff and specifics about the village.  This page, for example is transcribed from an unnamed document but has house names and the name of the person that lived there in 1895. How interesting to find your house and see the name of a person that lived there!  The gentleman that wrote the posts would be 87 now and although he seems to have emigrated to British Columbia, he lived in Widbrook Cottage for 21 years.  Sadly the last post was written in January 2015.

Maybe I am the only person that does not know about Strande Castle or Historical Cookham?  I would love to hear from you if you know where the house was or the chap that wrote the website or indeed if your house is listed on the 1895 document and you were able to see the then owner!
Ye Strande Castle


  1. James Hatch is the chap who writes/wrote Historical Cookham.
    He is a regular poster to the forums on Cookham.com.

  2. Hello,
    Just stumbled across your blog while looking for info about the writer behind the Historical Cookham blog. I can share a very brief story about Strande Castle. My parents moved into Cookham in 1966 and when I was 5 or 6 years old they took me on a walk down Strande Lane. That would have been about 1967 or '68. At the end was the castle. Pretty much derelict, but still standing, mostly anyway. We went back a couple of years later and it was just a pile of rubble.

    As for the story of the ghost of an old lady in a long robe, I believe I can confirm that.


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