Have you joined the Cookham Dog Walkers Facebook Group?

Having a dog is (I assume) a bit like having a child – you have an immediate point of context with someone.  Add to that the fact that I do like to natter, and you’ll understand how I started to meet so many people out walking.  Then, not long after we got our first hound, a lovely dog went missing from down at The Moor.  Posters went up all over the village and everyone was looking out.  It was at this point that I started to get the idea for the Cookham Dog Walkers Facebook Group.  If all of these lovely people I had met were connected, we wouldn’t have to wait for people to see posters, social media would get the message out for us immediately.  I never want to see it posted but IF one of us lost a dog, the group now provides instant access to like-minded people that will be regularly walking your patch.  

Of course it’s not just for emergencies, all members have posting rights so you can share photos of your dogs, recommend products or services that you have appreciated or ask for advice.  Through the power of Facebook I have even managed to re-unite a very naughty Dachshund with her hand-knitted camel striped roll neck jumper…

Cookham Dog Walkers is a closed group so you will need to request to join - search in the Facebook search bar or go directly to this link.


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