Frank, Matilda and the internet enabled AGA

This is the sort of village that has lots of AGAs.  I can think of three without even trying.  Two are a solid, matronly presence at the back of the kitchen.  Quiet, and as comforting as a cup of hot, sweet tea.  The other?  Well she’s not quiet.  She sits right in the middle of the kitchen in her duck egg blue splendour, not shouting but never ignored, her electronics blinking like Cape Canaveral.  This is not your average AGA though.  She belongs to the cookery writer Lucy Young. 
As a fresh faced graduate from a Cordon Bleu cookery school, Lucy soon found herself working for the National Treasure that is Mary Berry, and so a life-long love affair with AGA cookery began.  Some 30 years, countless collaborative books and eight books of her own later, there is little about this style of cookery that Lucy can’t explain.  Just as well because the modern AGA (which now comes in a range of delicious colours) can be internet enabled, space saving and even induction-hobbed!
One thing that does seem to be a prerequisite for owning an AGA though, is that it will always, always have some sort of creature in front of it.  Generally a dog, possibly a cat or even the odd tortoise waking up from hibernation.  But then again, at Lucy’s house it's Frank and Matilda because even ducks like to be toasty warm.

For further information on Lucy Young click here.  For further information on AGAs click here and to purchase Lucy’s book “AGA Easy” click here.


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