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I want to actively encourage you to leave your own contributions to the posts on this blog, and so I have included the opportunity for you to comment and left it as “un-moderated” (although if we start getting a load of spam coming through, and I am not talking luncheon meat, that might have to change).  So here’s what to do if you would like to comment:

Look for the “Post a comment” button on the left hand side of the contracted post or at the very bottom of the full post.
 Click on it and then click on the drop down arrow SELECT PROFILE.  This allows you to use an existing profile such as Google to add your post.  Don't worry if you don't have such a thing, you can simply use your name (select NAME/URL) or remain mysterious (select ANONYMOUS).
 Once you have selected how you want to be displayed on the comment, you can go ahead click CONTINUE and then and say what you want to say.
When you are ready, click PUBLISH.  Again, to try and reduce the amount of spam, you will be asked to verify you are not a Darlek.  Click on the little box to add a tick, answer the picture question you are presented with and click VERIFY.

Bob’s your Uncle, Fanny’s your Aunt you have now posted your first comment!


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