The Cookham Dog Walkers Training Walk for the Practically Perfect in Every Way

CLAIRE: "Hello Teddie, how are you"? TEDDIE: "I is very good fank yoo". CLAIRE: "Is it true you like chasing rabbits Teddie"? TEDDIE: "I duz like wabbits but I definitely never, almost hardly ever duz chasing of them.  Unless sometimes them does leave a sniff right under me noze what duz mean I has to hinvestigate if thems need retrieving.  And sumtimes thems be on the other side of fences".CLAIRE: "And Phoebe, you are a bit of a wriggler on the lead I hear"? PHOEBE: "Excuse you!  I am a Miniature French Poodle and practically perfect in every way". CLAIRE: "And you definitely don’t do wriggling"?  PHOEBE: "Well just maybe a tiny bit, to go with me tiny self.  But I am frightfully tiny so it’s only a tiny wriggle".  Once Claire Sayles, dog trainer and behaviourist (BScHons, DipCABT) from Paws 4 Thought had established that Teddie never chases rabbits and Phoebe was actually practically perfect, we set off on the Cookham Dog Walkers inaugural guided training walk.  We chose a gentle stroll round Two Leas and with some of Claire’s positive, rewards based training tips, all the humans were soon practicing how to stop wigglers and absconders.  Completely unnecessary of course. It is probably completely superfluous for you and your dogs to go on a similar event in the future, but IF you were to think it might be a helpful way to pass an hour and you fancied meeting some like-minded dog owners, please join the Cookham Dog Walkers Facebook group and watch out for the next event.


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