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I do a lot of dog walking.  This means that my Lardy Arse and I are clad mostly in easy-wash, sweat wicking fabrics.  And whist I am very grateful that someone, somewhere gave us Lycra, these fabrics are neither glamorous nor flattering – even with the addition of wellies.  Then there is the issue of fine hair and the English weather.  The damp means pretty much constant frizz.  So I would estimate that probably seventy percent of the time I look like a bag lady – and that’s just on the outside.  You don’t even want to know about my Hobbiton feet or hairy legs.  It’s true I’m quite conscious of all this because I meet plenty of other Cookham dog walking ladies, and they never seem to look like the village bag lady.  So, when I look in the mirror and I really don’t recognize the old bird looking back at me, I call on The Professionals. (Who else had a MASSIVE crush on Bodie and Doyle)?  Paula Fredman, who runs Vanilla Hair and Beauty with her husband Marc, are exactly what is needed for an injection of GLAMOUR.

Firstly, the recently refitted salon is VERY glam – Paula has chosen a velvet sofa, chandeliers and satin chairs.  And, miraculously, it is possible to wrangle my hair into something that comes close to glamourous with some clever use of KMS styling products and Paula’s hairdryer.  Incidentally, she also cut the best bob I have ever seen.  To this day I remember that bob, and I hope the lady still has that style.  Also possible thanks to OPI and a foot spa, is a trotter transformation.  I like to choose the colour for my pedicure over a nice cup of tea whilst my toes are soaking out the dirt.  And to really spoil myself, I will have an Elemis treatment as well, thus ensuring I return home unrecognizable from my former self.

So IF you ever look in the mirror and see someone you do not recognize, I recommend a trip to VanillaHair and Beauty for medicinal purposes.  AND if you follow them on Facebook HERE you will be the first to learn of the regular, last minute discounts and package deals that they often run.


  1. Lovely Vanilla...... best hairdressers around, lovely family business x

    1. I would like to publicly thanks "Mrs B" for commenting on this post. It's been a bit lonely out here all on my own....


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