When it all gets a bit too much at Fleur de la Maison...

I was in Fleur de la Maison the other day admiring the most beautiful long stemmed rose.  Palest pink with a slightly scalloped petal which was tinged with green.  Absolutely stunning in an understated sort of way.  I’d like to look like that rose.  As it is, I am more of your filler foliage – an Aspidistra leaf or Eucalyptus.  But I digress.  “That would make a lovely bridal bouquet flower” Joint-Head-Flower-Wrangler Nikki said, whilst barely smothering a teenage giggle.  I ignored her and decided to treat myself to the flowers, but there were only two in the bucket.  It was at this point that Nikki’s business partner Chris, flung open the enormous fridge door.  Now I don’t know about you, but I would expect to see flowers in the chiller at the florist.  And to be fair I did – more of my lovely roses, some green chrysanthemums that went beautifully with the afore mentioned rose and plenty of I’ve No Idea Whats.  But alongside the hand tied bunches ready to go out for the day’s deliveries, I was surprised to see half the contents of Country Stores - butter, milk, ham, cheese and salad cream (who even eats salad cream these days)?  Oh, and chocolate, lots of chocolate.  There was also a bottle of something called Stroopwafel.  Now apparently, the Stroopwafel arrives with the flowers from Holland - so I could be wrong, but I am not getting the impressions this is an entirely irregular delivery.  I was assured that its use is purely medicinal (just as well because it's 29 percent proof!) and it goes in their coffees when “things all get a bit too much”.  I am told weddings, funerals and bah mitzvahs are potentially A Bit Too Much.  And almost certainly Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and Christmas.  So it strikes me things could be A Bit Too Much almost all of the time.  Regardless of this, Chris, Nikki and team produce the most gorgeous bouquets to cover your every birthday, thank you or ooops I’m sorry need.  And they will create wedding, or special occasion flowers, that will complement your event perfectly.  Although you might just want to check how their day is going, and if they have had a coffee yet before venturing in…

The Fleur de la Maison website can be found here or you can follow them on Facebook here.


  1. Best florists around ! So helpful and flowers are gorgeous... great candle/smelly/jewellery gifts too x


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