Why don't birds fall off their perch (according to the Cookham Wildlife Supporters)?

I suspect that many of us will have heard about the CookhamDesign Statement  a document (produced with input from local residents, The Cookham Parish Council and the Cookham Society) that helps to provide a framework and context to guide decisions as changes are proposed in our village.  What you may not know though, is that a similar document with a similar purpose, will be delivered in 2019 for the wild spaces and animals that we share our home with.

As part of this process, in March 2014 the Cookham Wildlife SupportersGroup was founded by a team of interested local residents.  The group’s main aim is education, so that the wild spaces, plants and animals that we share our village with, are supported by the actions we take locally and in our own gardens.  They run a full calendar of events here in the village, all of which are conducted over cup of tea (and on occasion, a glass of wine) - and having been to many, I can testify to the friendly, inclusive atmosphere. Thanks to these events I can now tell you where to find Glow Worms and I know that the UK is being invaded by a new European Silver Fish (there must be a Brexit joke in there somewhere, but I will spare you).  I’ve radio-tracked bats at Cockmarsh, so boy can I pontificate about the various species that live by the river!  And I now know that the reason birds don’t fall off a branch when they sleep is because they have a special tendon that tightens when their legs bend.  With over 150 members and 12 events a year (some of which are specifically aimed at children) you’ll always find something interesting on and someone interesting to talk to.
To find out more about the Cookham Wildlife Supporters Group and what’s on, register on the Meet Up group and then click on the calendar. 


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