myHRdept - simplifying staff employment

If you are a small or medium sized business, you probably have two major headaches.  One being cash flow and the other being staffing.  MyHRdept was started by Bill Larke and his wife Catherine who live in Cookham Dean, over 14 years ago to help businesses with the second of these issues - managing the ongoing process of employing staff.  Whilst HR is a complex, litigated world, the administration of it need not be, if you are compliant and correctly informed.  MyHRdept have a range of services that in effect outsource HR, but this can be as simple or as comprehensive as you want it to be.  It could be providing or reviewing a staff contract to ensure you are up to date and conform with the most recent employment law.  Or, it could be the management of a complex recruitment or disciplinary issue.  Either way, you are free to concentrate on growing your business.  Dont assume that the cost is prohibitive either.  They have a range of payment options including fixed rate services and individual, one off packages.
If you want to discuss this further there are all sorts of Contact Us options on the website.  Or you could just wander down to The Jolly Farmer and look for a lanky bloke with a black wire hair terrier called Stig on his lap.  So you know who to look for, here’s Bill talking about “managing a long term absent employee”! 


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