Red Squirrel IT support for the technically inept

Sadly, I am old enough to remember the novelty of my first email (and my first text message).  Now that technology and more, is ubiquitous in both our professional and private lives, and like many of you I would guess, I wonder how we ever did without it!  I have had reason to set up a new computer recently.  And its not been a happy experience.  Twenty years in the IT industry in no way equips you for computer literacy. The process has been hugely time consuming and that was even before I managed to accidently lock myself out of accounts, forget security settings and my best to date discover a completely different inbox I did not know I had, complete with the email replies I had been chasing clients for.
My only saving grace throughout this process has been Peter Borcherds, who lives in Cookham Dean, from Red Squirrel ITSupport.  Thankfully his unruffled, professional approach has talked me through the worst of my connectivity panics.  With over 10 years of experience, Peter calms the technology nerves of both business and home users throughout the area.  He can help with everything from the installation your office network, to setting up your wi-fi router, to providing Granny with one to one training on how to send a text message.  And his skills do not stop at computers -  apparently one frustrated Mum was so fed up with spending hours trying to integrate all the familys Apple devices, that she called Peter in to do the job.  What she had spent fruitless hours on, was sorted in no time.  Another client was trying (and failing) to set up a multi-room, wireless audio system. Fortunately, this is something Peter installed in his own home himself, so he could resolve that problem too.

I have concluded that there are some things I am just not very good at, and when this is the case, I am better off seeking out an expert.  So, if like me, you find yourself baffled by anything beyond the Send button, Red Squirrel IT Support are to be highly recommended.


  1. Certainly the best there is, efficient and completely trusting - never beaten by any job asked to do !


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