Riddle me do Cookham?

Who or what is talking? Make your guesses and I will share the author.

"I was born many years ago, and as is our way, I left my Mothers side immediately.  I did not choose my new home, but oh such lucky happenchance to this village.  I had all I needed to grow, and grow I did.  Lithe and slender in youth but tall, with convincing limbs as I matured to adulthood.  Everyone knew me, and my life was blessed with many friends.  But one is still with me to this day.  He and I, we grew closer as time went by.  The distance between us shortened until now, we are almost inseparable.  Mostly our companionship is slow, easy and comfortable.  Occasionally, a rage flows in him but it is rare and I simply hold my ground and wait for his quietness to return.  We two, we have seen much as countless seasons have conceded.  From my sweetest place of comfort, I have watched village life pass -  uncountable lovers walking hand in hand, sails catching even the softest breeze and dragons racing.  The end of me was swift, brutal and brought such tears.  But I remain at my home to the end, a ghost of myself, in the almost embrace of my oldest, dearest friend".


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