I think it would be remiss of Cookham Matters NOT to do a retrospective on Rock The Moor which is on the 20th May.  However, I confess I am not going.  I think I think about it too much.  Firstly, I am deeply sceptical about the weather and just assume that I will prepare my picnic and trek down there with my cool box, only for it to pour with rain and leave me in a misery of mud and puddled porta loos.  And as I understand it, you cant take your own booze.  So imagine if they ran out of Prosecco?  Or worse than that even, imagine they still HAVE Prosecco, but it is quite undrinkable.  And then there is the dog poo.  I walk on that Moor a lot, and believe me I have seen vast quantities of dog poo.  How do they make sure they have hovered it all up so you don't pop your travel rug down on an enormous turd? 
That all got me to thinking.I know that many, many local people with a much more positive outlook than I, do go and by all accounts have a jolly fabulous time!  So would any of you attending Rock the Moor like to be a Cookham Matters Guest Editor (now doesnt THAT sound impressive) and share your perspective of the event?  It does not need to be many words so neednt take very long, and I can do all the boring stuff like spell check if you prefer.  You just need to be able to string a sentence together (you can write it when you are sober) and take some photos that dont have a finger over the lens.  Is anyone out there up for the challenge? 


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