Felled Lime Tree in Cookham Dean - further update

For those that have been following Tree-Gate in Cookham Dean, the latest update....

Some residents had suggested that when the council come to re-plant in October/November we might try to crowd-fund a larger specimen tree than they would normally provide (approximately 3 meters).  Unfortunately, this seems unlikely for what is an obvious reason now it has been explained to me.  The bigger the tree, the bigger the hole they need to dig to plant it in and the trouble with trying to dig at all in that tiny area, is that it is criss-crossed with services pipes.

The plaque from the bottom of the tree truly seems to have disappeared (as has the stump which was removed on the 24 July) and we did wonder if any members of the families who originally planted the tree (the Hebbs and Jordans) were still local, and had rescued it.  Although I would not be surprised if it has been accidentally dug into the ground with all the earth works or cleared up when the tree was felled.  If anyone does know where it might be, please do get in touch.

In the course of this hoo-haa, we have discovered that the tree was planted on the site of a village pond. I guess this makes sense because it is believed that The Forge has been there for over 400 years, since the time of Elizabeth I, and it would have needed a plentiful supply of water.  I have had a bit of a dig on the internet, but I cannot see any images showing a pond on this site, so if by chance anyone has such a thing - please share it, it would be so interesting to see.

Lastly, we now have a single point of contact within the RBWM and he has committed to informing us of the outcome of the process with the Planning Enforcement team.  We look forward to hearing that - no update yet mind you...

Maidenhead Advertiser 20th July


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