Cookham Dog Walkers August Training Walk

I think it’s fair to say that thunder and lightning would not be the preferred conditions to host a dog training walk.  It’s August as you recall, you kind of hope that it might be like high summer?  Sort of hot and maybe even a bit sweaty?  If not hot, then warm?  And sunny?  As it was, Cookham Dog Walkers showed their mettle – they are a hardy lot it seems, they just pulled on their wellies, turned up the collars on their sowesters and grabbed their sodden dog treats to attend regardless.  Of course, the dogs were entirely oblivious to the wet, they were just thrilled to meet some new friends.  Jia, a Tibetan Terrier decided the best way to demonstrate her enthusiasm was by running everywhere, extremely fast and preferably whilst jumping.  Which was fine because Honey, who purely by coincidence is also Tibetan Terrier (X Poodle), was easily her match.  Milo the Bichon Frise was a little overwhelmed by the girls, so he very sensibly kept his head down and concentrated on being an extremely good boy.  Except for the few moments when he could not quite contain himself, and he’d jump up.  Concerns from the CDWers were; how to train consistent recall, how to keep greeting other dogs and people calm and how to stop jumping up.  Concerns from the dogs (whispered in my ear when Claire Sayles, dog trainer and behaviourist (BScHons, DipCABT) from Paws 4 Thought was not looking) were; how to get given sausage, how to get given chicken and how to get given cheese. 
Two loops of the safe, enclosed field later and Jia was still running rings round everyone except Claire, Honey was entirely under the control of Olivia (aged 9) and I’m afraid I ruined it for Milo because he was just so scrumptious, I couldn’t help but fuss him even if he was making my jeans muddy.  We did call it a day after about an hour, but only because we were all developing trench foot.

If you are not in the Cookham Dog Walkers Facebook Group already, join here and keep an eye open for the next training walk – maybe there will be one in February in glorious sunshine with unseasonably warm temperatures!  Or maybe not!


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