More wine Vicar?

Some of you have been around long enough to know that just occasionally, I go To Church.  Indeed, I went To Church Saturday and I can honestly say it was a triumph!
Cookham villagers Karen and Trevor Davison, and the team from their own Live Wire Productions, laid on a rare treat for us with the first of their innovative live music series christened (do you see what I did there?), Live@... and in this case, it was Live@the church - our very own Holy Trinity.  Karen is a Lighting Designer for The Royal Festival Hall and so by the time we arrived, the church was beautifully highlighted with lasers and specialist lighting.  There was a small stage where Father Nick The Vic is normally seen to pace with his hands in his pockets and, oh joy of joys, there was a bar behind the font.  Of course there was, who doesn’t have a bar behind the font?  So there I sat, on my slightly uncomfortable pew, enjoying a glass or two as we waited for the line up - Gitta de Ridder followed by Grizzly and the Grasshoppers
Gitta is an Anglo-Dutch singer songwriter, the most beautiful smiley faced girl whose voice – and I am so sorry for the cliché – was just like an angel’s.  Although to be fair, not being ever so Godly, I’m rarely on conversational terms with angels so let’s say she was what I imagine an angel would sound like.  She effortlessly filled our lovely church with the most charming melodies, often without accompaniment.  Her music is apparently “folkpop” but for me, it was a series of stories told by someone who instantly felt like a new friend.  There was one she wrote for her sister as a wedding present.  And the lullaby she wrote for her newly born niece - every one came with a little tale.  She is based in The Netherlands but the good news is, she is coming back to the UK, and to Henley and Windsor in November, so I will definitely try and see her again.

Gitta de Ridder

Gitta de Ridder
And then it will likely come as no surprise to hear that Grizzly (A.K.A Rhys Morgan) has more than a hint of Brian Blessed about him.  Equally hirsute, but considerably younger and with a whiff of the West Country about him – sort of Brian Does Grunge.  If you had to create a story about unfulfilled musician, you might well come up with something like Grizzly's.  A car mechanic by trade, he gave it all up to live in a camper van, surf and sing the Blues.  His voice is what they call “gritty” - think cat’s tongue rather than Retrievers mouth and soooooo up my musical alley it’s not true.  As is his sense of humour.  I don’t know how many foot stomping, gloriously energetic, fabulous guitar filled songs they did, but when he announced the last one we made him do two more.  I came away buzzing – which if I am honest, is not how I normally leave Holy Trinity.
Last night was the most fabulous treat – especially given it was just five minutes down the road.  Very well done and thank you to Live Wire Productions for bringing Gitta and Grizzly to Cookham.  And I urge you to book tickets for the next in the series on the 22nd Septemberbut not before I have booked mine!
Grizzly and the Grasshoppers
Grizzly A.K.A. Rhys Morgan


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